Project Ajna


Dear readers,

The first version of the project Ajna was released ! ! ! !

Ajna is a web tool based on R Shiny and Bootstrap, intended to help in the process of Exploratory Data Analysis.

So far there is no target audience (business users, data analysts, etc.). It was created in the spare time during the last 2 days to explore R Shiny with Bootstrap. I think I will define the target on-the-fly. I just wanted to take it from the idea stage, implement and share as a skeleton, so people can build upon.

To access the web tool, use the following link:

To test the tool, I suggest to download and use this file: wine.csv

I am still working on the functionalities, but I hope soon release the newest version and also publish the code in my GitHub account.

Version 1 – Functionalities:

1 – Load data and order data by column

2 – Univariate analysis (descriptive statistics and histogram)

3 – Bivariate analysis (Scatter Plot, Basic Time Series Plot with Loess Smooth, Line Interpolation Options Plot and Pair Correlation Plot)

4 – Multivariate analysis (Correlation Plot)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Any feedback is very important. If you used the tool and want to suggest a functionality, please, leave a message in the contact form.



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